Zobmondo!! Bucket Blast | Award Winning Kids Game | Promotes Physical Activity Indoors and Outdoors | 15-in-1 Fun Games for Children at Home, Camping, Beach, and Birthday Parties


15 HIGH-ENERGY GAMES IN ONE!  Bucket Blast gives five outdoor games, five indoor games, and five “probably will get soaked with water” games!  Also, make up your own games!

AWARD-WINNING BUCKET BLAST encourages physical activity and fun for 2 or more kids.  Use at parties or during school breaks to keep the fun moving along!  Ages 6 and up.

INCLUDED IN THE BOX are 6 colorful plastic buckets, 6 waist belts, 24 durable beanbags, 4 boundary-marking cones, 6 blindfolds, nylon storage bag, rule book.

WINNER OF MULTIPLE AWARDS including Parent's Choice Gold Award and the Oppenheim Award.

IMPROVED FOR 2018!  Based on feedback from families, the buckets are now larger and stronger for easier play!


Award-Winning Bucket Blast has 15 high-energy games that kids can play indoors or outdoors, getting soaked with water or staying completely dry!

Colorful buckets, beanbags, and water games come together in a frenzy of physical fun that keeps the action moving at any party.  Toss, run, balance, chase, strategize and team up for points and laughs!

Instructions are simple and gameplay is exhilarating! Kids will use lots of eye-hand coordination, get plenty of exercise, and go to bed without having to be asked twice.

Bucket Blast has 15 games that include ten games for outdoors and five for indoors.  Five of the outdoor games will get players wet for summer fun!  Highlighted games include:

  • "Shot in the Dark" is an indoor game played blindfolded and relies on a partner to assist with aim.
  • "Beanbag Basketball" is an outdoor game where players try to get their bags in the buckets attached to the backs of the other players.
  • “Water Catch” is a water balloon toss without the balloons!

Bucket Blast is a multiple award-winner game:

  • Winner of Parent's Choice Gold Award
  • Winner of Oppenheim Award

Included in the box:

  • 6 colorful plastic buckets
  • 6 belts to attach buckets to players' backsides
  • 24 beanbags
  • 4 boundary-marking cones
  • 6 blindfolds
  • Nylon storage bag
  • Rules book with instructions for all 15 games


  • For 2 or more players.
  • Ages 6 and older.

$ 34.99

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